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Affordable Mass Transit for Cambridge and the Wider Region


Cambridge is where the atom was split, the structure of DNA was discovered, the jet engine was created and where countless other world-changing ideas have and continue to be developed.

For 800 years the University, the City, and the wider Cambridge region have benefited from energetic collaboration between civic society, academia, and commerce. The last 50 years have seen a remarkable development of knowledge-intensive clusters that has made Cambridge a household name around the world, created the biggest entrepreneurial powerhouse in the world outside Silicon Valley, and made the area synonymous with science, technology, and creative thinking.

The result is a thriving, growing economy that is bringing jobs and opportunities for the whole region. But the rapid expansion means Cambridge and surrounding areas needs ever more, and better, housing and transport as well as a skilled workforce to sustain this success.

Increasing pressure on the transport network and the stifling effect of traffic congestion is a major challenge that needs transformative solutions to maintain growth and the quality of life for those who live and work in and around the city, and beyond.

This report continues the tradition of collaboration, taking an idea that originated within the University and developing it into a concept which might serve Cambridge and the wider region. In future, it may also serve the needs of many other small, vibrant, cities across the UK and abroad.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (formerly City Deal) and Cambridge Ahead co-funded the study with the University, and worked together to ensure that it looks at the options for the whole travel to work area.

The study represents a truly creative approach to a very real problem: how to use new and future technologies to transform our local transport system to make better connections between Cambridge and surrounding towns and villages, but within a capital and operating budget that is affordable and viable for a small but growing city region.

The report illustrates the nature of what might be. It seeks to contribute to the debate, rather than proposing a definitive solution. It represents the continuing spirit of collaboration in Cambridge between civic, academic, and commercial minds and it will be one of the options to be considered as we develop our thinking on future transport for Cambridge and the wider region.

Download full report here.


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