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Quality of Life in Cambridge Survey Summer 2014


This 84 page slidedeck gives the results of a survey of thousands of employees which reveals what employees of businesses and organisations feel about their quality of life in Cambridge. Respondents were not just asked about overall quality of life but also for more detail on their use and the quality of local services across a range of areas, including health and transport.

The research was undertaken by RAND Europe, an independent research institute in Cambridge and member of Cambridge Ahead. Cambridge Ahead was well-positioned to conduct the survey as its then membership of 28 organisations contributed the majority of the target audience. The balance came from employees of the three councils, and John Lewis. In total, over 30,000 employees were canvassed, approximately 30 per cent of the total working population of Cambridge and there were over 4,800 responses.

The hard data continues to be analysed but it is hoped that the results of the survey will enable Cambridge Ahead to work alongside other organisations and the Government to find ways to improve the quality of life for all workers in Cambridge. It is intended to publicly share the hard data later to enable organisations and individuals to conduct their own analyses.

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