12 months on, the data shows a significant move towards 4G, providing very fast internet access. Between January and March 2017 9.56M data samples were collected, and they show 4G availability (from any operator) increasing from 52% of locations measured to 74%. When compared with data collected between May and July 2016.

The availability of mobile data connectivity in the Greater Cambridge area has also improved and overall user experience is better, although there are still significant notspots in some areas. However, the proportion of locations measured which have no or only weak data-connectivity available (from any operator) has dropped from 19% to 12%. 

The amount of qualitative and quantitative data secured enabled us to hold meetings with various operators, including EE, Three and Vodafone, all of whom accepted that the data was accurate and shared their plans to resolve the identified notspots by early 2018. We will be meeting with the operators again at the end of 2017 to ascertain progress against agreed objectives.

Find out how you can participate below.

Participate! Install the OpenSignal smartphone app

  1. Find the app on-line:
  2. Install the app on your smartphone and try it out.
  3. The app will automatically collect coverage data in the background, but you can change the settings within the app.
  4. Become a data hero and help us collect even more data – find out more here 

A note on privacy
At OpenSignal we care a lot about data privacy: all the data we track through our app is stripped of identifying information before being sent to our servers. You can read our privacy policy on our website.

Log in!

1. ‘CambWifi’ network

  • The free CambWifi network is available at over 100 public buildings in and around Cambridge. More information and a map of sites is available here
    • Check if you are in a location covered by CambWifi by searching on your device for the network ‘CambWifi’
    • Enter your email address and click ‘Get Online’
    • From now on your device will log on automatically whenever you are in a CambWiFi location

2. ‘the_cloud’ Wi-Fi network

  • the_cloud Wi-Fi network offers free internet access in open spaces and streets around central Cambridge. More information and a map of sites is available here
    • Check if you are in a location covered by the_cloud by searching on your device for the ‘the_cloud’ network
    • Register your details
    • Log in with your email address and password

Check your speed! Provide a broadband speed test

There are many websites which allow you to measure the speed of your broadband. Cambridge Ahead has chosen to work with ThinkBroadband who have agreed to share their data with us, so by using ThinkBroadband you will be helping us to understand and make recommendations to improve Cambridgeshire’s broadband.

You do not need to download any software or sign up to special offers to run the broadband speed test – just click on the option to start the test.

Speeds will vary depending on the time of day, or day of the week, so try repeating the test to see the range of speeds you can get.


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