Introducing Our Projects

We are currently working on several projects that cover: Regional Economic Planning, Transport, Housing, Skills, Technology and Quality of Life. We also have the Young Advisory Groups supporting our work. Project leaders are selected for each priority and each in turn assembles a team of individuals from across Cambridge to tackle these priorities. The project members are drawn from a wide range of bodies including Cambridge Ahead member organisations, the Universities, the Councils, businesses and other Cambridge stakeholder organisations who possess the expertise we need to make these projects happen. Project Groups meet regularly to progress their projects. 

New Era for the Cambridge Economy (NECE)

The New Era for the Cambridge Economy (NECE) research is intended to provoke discussion and inform the agenda for the post-pandemic economy in the Cambridge city region, and provide thought leadership for other cities across the country and the world.

Policy Group

The aim of the Policy Group is to bring together those with experience of working with central and local government to hone Cambridge Ahead’s proposals in favour of sustainable growth and maintaining and enhancing quality of life in our area.

Quality of Life Group

Scoping and establishing the elements that contribute the most to the quality of life of people in the Cambridge region and from this developing a framework that will allow us to more readily influence decision-making at a national and local level so that those decisions enhance rather than detract from quality of life for existing and new residents and workers.

Transport Group

Our aim is to influence transport initiatives to support growth and maximise the region’s potential in the long-term.

Skills Group

We aim to achieve an evidence-based understanding of the current position of skills shortage in the region and to advocate for system changes which address these gaps.

Young Advisory Committee

The Young Advisory Committee was created to ensure Cambridge Ahead remains current for the future workforce by capturing the thinking of under 35-year-olds about their future and their ideas for the future of Cambridge.

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