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Marshall’s Century-Long Commitment to Apprenticeships


Marshall, a leading company with a legacy dating back to 1909, has been at the forefront of apprenticeship programmes, imparting skills to over 21,000 individuals in automotive, aviation, and engineering. In this case study, we hear about Marshall’s extensive experience, exploring the benefits, challenges, and insights gained from their longstanding commitment to apprenticeships.

Impact and benefits: The primary benefit for Marshall lies in the sustained pipeline of talent. By nurturing apprentices for over a century, Marshall ensures a continuous influx of skilled professionals, mitigating the industry-wide challenge of a shortage of skilled resources, particularly in aviation. The success stories of several individuals exemplify the transformative power of apprenticeships within the organisation.

Lessons learned and perceived barriers: Marshall’s success can be attributed to strong leadership support, with top management championing the skills agenda. While acknowledging administrative challenges and red tape associated with government programmes, Marshall has creatively expanded its reach. Initiatives like the Earn as You Learn program in Canada reflect their commitment to overcome barriers and share their wealth of apprenticeship knowledge globally.

Engagement in National Apprenticeship Week and future plans: Marshall actively participates in Apprenticeship Week, showcasing its commitment to celebrating and promoting apprenticeships. With a grand opening of a new Skills Academy in Cambridge and plans for additional facilities, Marshall continues to evolve its apprenticeship programme, demonstrating a dedication to shaping the future workforce.

Reflections on the current system: Marshall advocates for redirecting unutilised levy funds back into talent development, emphasising that such resources should be reinvested to address skill shortages and contribute to industry growth.

Encouragement for other organisations: Marshall passionately encourages other organisations to embrace apprenticeships, emphasising the rewarding nature of nurturing young talent. They stress that the benefits of apprenticeships extend beyond the organisation, contributing to industry growth, lowering unemployment, and building a skilled workforce for the future.


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