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Cambridge Ahead announce Chilombo Musa as Policy and Research Officer


Cambridge Ahead is delighted to welcome Chilombo Musa as its new Policy and Research Officer. Having undertaken this role in an interim capacity last year, Chilombo has now joined full time. Chilombo has recently completed a PhD in the University of Cambridge Department of Land Economy, adding to her research and academic career which has also included time as a research fellow at the United Nations and research analyst at the London School of Economics.

Chilombo’s research skills and passion for place-making are a perfect match for Cambridge Ahead as the organisation works with policymakers locally and nationally to support the Cambridge economy to grow in a more sustainable and inclusive way. Developing policy proposal to proactively spread the benefit of economic growth to more communities in the region, and across the nation.

Chilombo said: “I’m excited to be joining the team at Cambridge Ahead, where I am eager to contribute to the rich base of research and policy development that underpins Cambridge Ahead's vision for a more inclusive and sustainable future. My role at Cambridge Ahead will involve in-depth focus on several key areas: sustainable transport, skills development, economic planning, and housing, each of which is crucial for the overall and equitable development of the Cambridge city region. I am looking forward to engaging in the ongoing discussions and initiatives that are shaping these key policy areas through evidence-based research and ensuring that Cambridge Ahead's efforts not only meet current needs but also lay a solid foundation for future growth and development.”



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