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Laptops 4 Learning – Addressing Digital Exclusion In Cambridgeshire


In this latest blog post in our series on digital exclusion, we explore Laptops4Learning’s approach to tackling digital exclusion in Cambridgeshire.

  1. What approach do you take to recycling and donating organisations’ hardware? 

The www.Laptops4Learning.co.uk solution takes legacy, current or high-end tech after upgrade or company relocation, securely data-erases it with certification, and makes it sustainable and ready for reuse.

We repair and refurbish legacy tech and distribute it out to charities and councils addressing digital inclusion in Cambridgeshire.  We purchase current high-end tech and make it available for sustainable reuse. The funds back from our purchase can be used to help fund your upgrade or for your own CSR programme/charities you support, or alternatively can be used to purchase sustainable IT from Laptops4Learning for donation to one of our partner charities, further supporting digital inclusion.

Organisations that have their surplus tech handled by Laptops4Learning receive both a  Sustainability Report, showing environmental impacts mitigated through reuse, and a Digital Inclusion Report, showing who has benefited from your tech, with good news stories for company newsletters or social media.  We aim to help the digitally excluded in your local community, helping you to make a positive impact for good within Cambridgeshire.

Since 2020, our solution has:

  • Delivered over 4,670 devices to the digitally excluded nationwide
  • Helped people with more than 915 devices within Cambridgeshire
  • Worked with 27 different local charities and delivery organisations in Cambridgeshire
  • Addressed a wide variety of local needs, including disadvantaged children, adult learning, isolated elderly, homeless and refugees
  • Saved over 8,270kgs of e-waste
  • Prevented more than 999,500kgs of CO2 emissions


  1. What type of organisations would this approach work for?

This approach works for all organisations, from small to large. Whatever type of surplus tech you have, from legacy to high-end tech, and from hand-held through to server, can be made ready for sustainable reuse, saving e-waste from landfill and CO2 emissions at this time of climate emergency. 

Whether you are a small SME with a one-off upgrade or relocation, or a cutting edge organisation with frequent IT refreshes as you stay ahead of the curve, our solution enables you to be both sustainable and socially responsible, helping more people get the benefits of digital inclusion in Cambridgeshire.


  1. Who are you working with currently?

Laptops4Learning already works with many business partners to securely and sustainably handle their redundant tech, mitigating environmental impacts and helping the digitally excluded to get the benefits of online access.

Business partners from the healthcare, insurance, financial, biotech, agri-food and food production sectors all support us with significant amounts of tech, making a real difference to people’s lives and our environment.


  1. I think my organisation should take this approach. What should I do next?

If you have tech available after IT refresh or relocation and would like to become part of the Laptops4Learning solution, please get in touch and we can tailor our solution to your specific requirements.  Please take this opportunity to help address digital exclusion in Cambridgeshire, while making your IT refresh more sustainable.


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