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Headline response to the GCP City Access consultation


Majority of Cambridge Ahead Members responding to survey support the GCP’s proposals 

The membership of Cambridge Ahead has considered the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s City Access consultation, as a continuation of our work to input evidence from employers to inform the development of this programme over recent years. 

31 members (63% of the Cambridge Ahead membership) responded to the survey, including many of the largest regional employers. Respondents account for a local workforce of over 37,500. 

Considering the significant and growing pressures faced by our transport system into the long-term, and the need for the growth of the city region’s economy to be realised in a more sustainable and inclusive way, there is wide support for the proposals put forward by the GCP from Cambridge Ahead members who participated in the survey. 73% support or strongly support the proposals. 

Cambridge Ahead Members see improvements to bus frequency, route coverage, operating hours, and reduced bus fares as immediate priorities – wanting these to come alongside improvements to cycling and walking connections across the city. 

The phasing in of public transport improvements before any charge is introduced has been highlighted as an essential principle behind the proposals, with broad support for the proposed operating hours, pricing, and exemptions. However, a significant number of respondents recommend further attention is given to the proposed boundary of operation. 

We therefore urge that these proposals are refined and brought forward in a way that introduces improved and accessible public transport and active travel options as soon as possible – and the next stage of development of the Sustainable Travel Zone gives attention to the proposed boundary of operation, with clearer evidence of the impacts and implications involved with different boundary options. 

There is strong support for the franchising of the local bus network by the Mayor and Combined Authority. 

The Cambridge Ahead membership continues to demonstrate a strength of support for a rapid mass transit system that meets the long-term needs of the regional economy and urges the Mayor and the Combined Authority to bring this back into active exploration – with the City Access proposals being seen as the foundation of any future RMT programme.


Next Steps 
Detailed responses to the specific City Access consultation questions will be developed for submission by the 23rd of December deadline. 


1 It is recognised that responsibility for a rapid mass transit system for the long-term needs of the city region does not sit within the remit of the GCP  



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