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Cambridge Ahead announces a trio of new members


Cambridge Ahead, the business and academic member organisation dedicated to the sustainable and inclusive growth of Cambridge and its region in the long-term, is pleased to welcome three new members.

The Cambridge Building Society, Invenia Labs, and Brockton Everlast are joining 48 existing Cambridge Ahead members, which together represent a working population of approximately 40,000 across the Cambridge area, and whose vision is to make Cambridge the greatest small city in the world.

Jane Paterson-Todd, CEO, Cambridge Ahead, said: “I’m thrilled to welcome three new businesses to the Cambridge Ahead membership, each representing distinct and diverse sectors – finance, tech, and real estate.

“With The Cambridge Building Society’s 172-year history, Invenia’s tech-for-good focus, and Brockton’s long-term growth expertise, we are looking forward to the innovation and experience they will bring to our collaborative vision of achieving sustainable growth and quality of life for communities in the Cambridge city region.”

  • The Cambridge Building Society is one of the largest regional building societies in the UK, with more than 100,000 members and assets in excess of £1.7bn. It employs around 230 people, all based in either its Cambridge Head Office or in its 13 retail branches and stores across the region.

Peter Burrows, Chief Executive, The Cambridge Building Society, commented“We’re delighted to join Cambridge Ahead. We look forward to contributing to the group’s strategic projects and working alongside other partners to reinforce our region’s prosperity.

“Cambridge Ahead is all about economic advancement and sustainable growth – an ethos that fits perfectly with our purpose as a local mutual society, founded more than 170 years ago to help the people of this iconic city have quality, sustainable homes and a safe place for their savings.”  

  • Invenia Labs is a company optimising complex systems with a vision to address social, economic, and environmental challenges through technological and scientific innovation. They are applying their expertise in machine learning, optimisation, and data science to optimise electrical grids, reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Invenia Labs in Cambridge is where most of their research is conducted.

João Moraes, People Operations Manager, Invenia, commented: “Cambridge has vibrant scientific and tech communities, and Invenia finds it a privilege to be part of that ecosystem. We are excited about the opportunity to help influence the future of Cambridge so it remains a centre for innovation and creativity.”

  • Brockton Everlast is a real estate investment and development firm with a 16-year history of acquiring, developing and asset managing large scale buildings that provide some of the best and most sustainable workplaces, including life science and tech labs and workplaces in Cambridge.

Dan Brown, Senior Managing Director, Brockton Everlast, commented: “As a long-term investor in Cambridge, we are delighted to be joining Cambridge Ahead and helping shape the future of this dynamic city in the years and decades ahead while preserving the unique attributes of Cambridge that make it such a special place to work, live, study and visit.”

Cambridge Ahead’s purpose is to be a catalyst for the success of Cambridge and quality of life across the city region - seeking to establish quality of life for all communities as the core principle that will underpin the future growth of the city – by considering not only the need for better transport and affordable housing, but also helping to reduce inequality, improve health, and support the environment.

To realise these aims Cambridge Ahead harnesses the exceptional expertise and resource that exists across its membership, creating shared objectives within a collaborative environment that encourage innovation and original thinking.



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