Cambridge Cluster Insights Resource for Researchers

Academic researchers who wish to delve deeper into the data can do so by gaining accreditation from The Centre for Business Research (CBR). You will be expected to sign an accreditation agreement which will mandate sharing your research with The Centre for Business Research. Once accredited, you will be able to access and download the data for further interrogation. In order to gain accreditation, please contact us by submitting a message.

This page contains links to useful documents that explain more about the data underlying the Cambridge Cluster Insights resource. This page is also dedicated to academics who wish to carry out further research on the data that has been gathered to create the Cambridge Cluster Insights resource. Research resulting from this third party data analysis of the resource will be posted and be publicly-available here.

Gaining Access

In order to do gain access to the full data behind the Cambridge Cluster Insights resource, potential researchers must submit a request via a form, please contact us for details. This will be automatically submitted to Dr Andy Cosh, Assistant Director at The Centre for Business Research of the University of Cambridge. In your submission, you should explain why you are requesting access to the database and also where the results of your research will be published (printed publication/website/other). You will be expected to sign an accreditation agreement which will include sharing your research with the Centre for Business Research. Unfortunately, due to the terms of the licence for the supply of the data to the CBR, only academic researchers can gain accreditation.

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