About the research and data

The underlying research has been provided by the Centre for Business Research (CBR) of the University of Cambridge and business data has been sourced from the FAME database produced by Bureau Van Dijk. Dashboard and data analytics were created by Grant Thornton using the Microsoft Power Business Intelligence platform.

Cambridge Ahead created the Cambridge Cluster Insights resource having drawn together accurate financial data covering the full range of Cambridge companies, both those based in Cambridge, and those trading in it. Find out how we define them and the company data provided. The resource covers all economic sectors.

We cannot yet claim that the data covers the entire economy of Cambridge, because the company employment data is for the Cambridge companies’ global employment and we do not have data for sole traders, some elements of the public sector, and for employees of national and international companies with trading and research offices in Cambridge. Nevertheless, the growth trends over several years are strong indicators of the whole sub-regional economy’s growth and we expect to add further data later that may enable this claim to be made. The data will be updated at least annually.

The data allows us to show the growth and economic health of the sub-region over time much better than before. We now have real and detailed evidence that Cambridge companies have grown very rapidly in the past 4 years. Importantly, this growth does not include data on ‘incomers’ to the city, such as AstraZeneca.


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