Cambridge Cluster Insights

Cambridge is one of the fastest growing areas in the UK, but it can be hard to find data that show the true extent of the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’.

Cambridge Ahead is home to the Cambridge Cluster Insights, the most accurate and reliable source of data about growth in our region. Read on to find out what drives Cambridge’s resilient growth and to use our interactive data dashboard.

The ‘Cambridge Cluster’ at a glance

What is the Cambridge Cluster?

The ‘Cambridge Cluster’ includes companies that are located within a 20-mile radius of the centre of Cambridge. The Cambridge Cluster Map shows three groups of companies: Cambridge-based and Cambridge-active companies, and non-corporate knowledge-intensive (KI) organisations.

Science and innovation sectors in Cambridge drive growth in regional employment despite pandemic turbulence

Our latest data draw covering the first full year of the pandemic (April 2020 to March 2021) shows the striking resilience of the Cambridge area to pandemic shocks. It reveals that the innovation clusters in the Cambridge city region – particularly Life Sciences and Information Technology – were the driving force of the local economy. These sectors were creating new jobs in the Cambridge city region, whereas across the UK as a whole employment was in decline.

Why are the Cambridge Cluster Insights important?

The purpose of Cambridge Cluster Insights is to provide an accurate and accessible source of growth data that:

  • Shows the growth of the sub-region over time much better than before and reveals the true extent of the success of the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’.
  • Supports representations made to Government for increased investment.
  • Enables the city to highlight the attractiveness of Cambridge to potential international inward investors.
  • Allows businesses and individuals to examine individual company data as well as identify where growth is taking place around them.

You can explore the data in more detail in our interactive dashboard below.

Cambridge Cluster Insights Interactive Dashboard

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About the research and data

Cambridge Ahead created this resource having drawn together accurate financial data covering the full range of Cambridge companies, both those based in Cambridge, and those trading in it.



Who is this resource for?

The source, methodology and granular nature of the data means that this resource will be of interest to a wide audience, from individual companies in Cambridge, to economics researchers, through to international organisations which might be doing a global search for new locations or acquisitions. The resource enables the data to be shown in sectoral, geographic, chart and other formats. The data for individual companies includes postcode, business sector, turnover, employment level, and directors.

Resource for Researchers

Researchers from academia can request access to the raw data for research purposes. Background and supporting information, such as the methodology behind the Cambridge Cluster Insights resource data and summary tables are available below. As third-party research becomes available, it will be posted on this page and thus be publicly-available.

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