About Cambridge Ahead

Our vision is for Cambridge to be the pre-eminent small city in the world.

To realise this vision, we represent the city’s business and academic community, offering soundly based opinion and advocating for Cambridge to local and national governments about the opportunities and needs of the region. We focus on achievable, but ambitious, goals.  Our Board determines each brief and these are addressed by Project Groups. A broad spectrum of opinion is sought and research conducted before any conclusions are drawn.  We are a catalyst for action rather than an implementer. We seek to influence the people and organisations who are best-suited to make our ideas a reality. Our current work focuses around the following themes: • Growth • Policy • Transport • Housing • Skills • Technology

Our Principles

We promote sustainable economic growth and quality of life.  We commission and highlight independent economic research and we work with local and national government and other informative groups to further our aims.  We highlight both the opportunities and needs of the region by collecting and maintaining data, analysing topics and contributing to policy.

  1. Focus
    We identify and focus on the key long-term issues to support effective policy making.

  2. Maintain, update and provide research and data
    That will determine and inform policies to deliver long-term sustainable growth.

  3. Plan
    We reach broad agreement amongst our membership on our plans for each topic.

  4. Execute
    We stimulate debate to influence key decision makers and initiate change.  We disseminate our evidence and communicate it openly.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are derived from four main categories:

1. Quality of Life: Considering the relationship between well-being and quality of life for all communities, ensuring not only the need for better transport and affordable housing, but finding ways that will help reduce inequality and increase the availability and quality of skills.

2. Planning for Growth: To ensure the delivery of the next set of local plans, relevant policies, and the new Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) are developed to match the growth expectations and Quality of Life for Cambridge, its region and the three interconnecting economies across Cambridgeshire.

3. Infrastructure and Other Physical and Digital Facilitators to Enhance Communications for Cambridge: Generate key improvements that will facilitate travel in and around Cambridge, and exploring the increasing role of technology and its impact on how we live and work.

4. Business Land, Housing and Spatial Planning: To consider the future expectations for the supply and affordability of business sites and housing for all demographics.

The Operational Board

The Operational Board monitor the progress of all projects undertaken by the organisation. It is responsible for all aspects of corporate governance, including oversight of the finances. It is accountable to the members.

Our Members

The current membership includes some of Cambridge’s most influential organisations. Our 39 members represent a working population of approximately 39,000 people in Cambridge. View our current members here.



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Sarah Brereton, Director, Limewash
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