Promoting Cambridge

With the setting up of the Trade & Investment Agency for Cambridge, this project has now been completed. However, other, important work was also carried out. The Project detail page reveals what was done during the 1 year+ period of the project.

Promoting Cambridge

Image:  mtkang

Project leader: David Cleevely CBE – Chairman, Cambridge Wireless

Project team:
Lily Bacon – VP, Real VNC
Paul Bailey – CEO, Bailey Fisher
Robert Carter – CEO, RG Carter Construction
Richard Fullerton – Business Partner, MCS LLP
Jon Bramwell – Head of Corporate Banking Eastern Counties HSBC Bank Plc
Claire Ruskin – CEO, Cambridge Network
Emma Thornton – Head of Tourism and City Centre Management Cambridge City Council

Background: The Cambridge cluster has 1,580 tech companies employing more than 57,000 people with a combined turnover of £13billion. Productivity is 30% higher than in London, unemployment is much lower and growth is faster. But Cambridge’s contribution to the UK economy is not widely understood and its potential is underestimated. There are three reasons for this:

  1. The University of Cambridge is world famous, and many people’s view of Cambridge stops there.
  2. Most large companies in Cambridge sell to other businesses, not consumers. So there is low awareness of our companies with the wider population as there is no obvious advertising for people to latch on to.
  3. Cambridge is fragmented, with over 60 networking organizations, 3 local authorities and the LEP. Unlike other large cities there is no single voice.

The Project team understood that a growing Cambridge needed to have a clear and coherent message for the rest of the world.

Objective: To have a Cambridge that speaks with a consistent voice to the world at large, with a real understanding of the city and its current offer, its leadership in industry, its thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. This will lead to a stronger appreciation of Cambridge by politicians and the media.

Project detail: Find out more detail about the project and its conclusion here.