Improving the Quality of Life – Project detail

With the conclusion of the Quality of Life Survey of over 4,000 Cambridge employees in Summer 2014, this project was completed and the team dispersed. This page provides a record of the work of the project team.

Improving the Quality of Life – Project detail

Image:  courtesy of Bidwells


Concluded in Autumn 2014. The team has now dispersed to work on other projects.


At Cambridge Ahead’s ‘One Year On’ event at the Li Ka Shing Centre on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus on 1st October 2014, Professor Mike Thorne presented the results of the Quality of Life survey. The survey had been conducted by RAND Europe − an independent not-for-profit research institute based in Cambridge and a member of Cambridge Ahead. The survey was sent to the 40,000 employees of the (then) 32 employer Members of Cambridge Ahead resulting in 4,882 responses. According to RAND, the results were extremely reliable and cover a wide demographic, with the exception of the very young and those more than 65 years old. Download the full survey analysis document.

This robust response helped Cambridge Ahead to focus its attention on key issues such as transport, housing and education − areas that were highlighted as having the greatest concern amongst respondents. Indeed, the report was the catalyst towards the creation of projects such as Transport, Housing, and Education & Skills.

Where do people who work in Cambridge liveThe headline results were very clear: people were generally very happy with their lives in Cambridge and with healthcare and felt safe. However, transport congestion, bus services and information about them were matters of concern. Among younger employees there were major concerns about getting on the housing ladder and the cost of housing as well as about the quality of education in schools. A further short publication was produced by RAND in July 2015 entitled Life in Cambridgethe most insightful aspect of which was a commuter map showing where people who work in Cambridge live.

This project reached its natural conclusion on publication of the survey but Cambridge Ahead remains committed to working with the whole greater Cambridge community to improve the quality of life in our city.