Digital Connectivity

Digital Connectivity

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Project Group Chair: Faye Holland – Founder & Director, Cofinitive

Project Team members

Dr David Cleevely CBE – Cambridge Entrepreneur*
Charles Cotton – Chairman, Cambridge Phenomenon International Ltd*
Noelle Godfrey – Programme Director, Connecting Cambridgeshire & Head of Digital Infrastructure, Cambridgeshire County Council
Jon Holgate – Head of Networks, University of Cambridge
Professor Peter Landshoff − Fellow of Christ’s College and Professor Emeritus University of Cambridge
Jane Paterson-Todd – CEO, Cambridge Ahead
Tim Winchcomb  Technology Strategy Consultant, Cambridge Consultants*
Richard York  VP Embedded Marketing, ARM*
Bob Driver – CEO, Cambridge Wireless
Brendon Fowler – Campus IT Infrastructure Lead UK & Enabling Functions, AstraZeneca*

* Member/Member organisation


Enabling a Hyper-Connected Cambridge – where smart things happen.

Project summary

To provide a compelling, long-term vision for Cambridge as the best hyper-connected city (in the world) with a clear strategy and guiding framework for system-wide, cross-organisational success over the next 20 years.

The group focuses on the networks (Mobile, Wi-Fi, Broadband) on which the traffic is delivered – the business case, technology design, control and access. It does not cover specific applications or data layers.

The goal is to identify current connectivity status within the Cambridge Ahead project area as well as major transport links such as Cambridge to London. Then to provide a clear, long-term vision for Cambridge as the most hyper-connected city in the world that enables businesses the seamless opportunity to work, and encourages citizens to become more active and participative members of the community.

The Connecting Cambridge Project team is working on the following projects:

Project 1 – Current State Coverage – Fixed and Mobile

CambsNotspotter logo no title #CambsNotspotter crowdsource campaign to determine the current status of wireless, fixed broadband, mobile or even ‘other’ in order to make the right recommendations for improvements to the Cambridgeshire connectivity infrastructure.

Find out more about how to be a #CambsNotspotter

Project 2 – Broadband Capacity Matrix for Cambridgeshire Businesses 

Business Broadband Capacity Matrix jpeg Defining a set of performance criteria and standards that residents, businesses and academia can use to ascertain if their connectivity capacity is appropriate to their needs. Access the matrix

Project 3  Strategy and Long Term Vision

Setting out the ambition for and improvement of the connectivity layer of the ‘Smart Architecture’ in Cambridge and the surrounding area.

We also welcome other suggestions for projects, please contact us with ideas or if you are interested in being one of the subject matter experts.