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Govt call for Evidence: Extending Local Full Fibre Broadband Networks - (29/12/16) The Government announced over £1 billion of investment in the Autumn Statement 2016 to boost the UK’s digital infrastructure. This investment will deliver even faster and more reliable broadband for homes and businesses across the UK. It is our […]

How to join in

A new crowdsourcing initiative is asking local people to gather vital data to help plug gaps (aka ‘notspots’) in fixed and mobile coverage across Cambridgeshire.

Led by the business and academic group Cambridge Ahead, the campaign is calling on all residents, employees, students and businesses to help identify the ‘not spot’ areas of no or low connectivity by becoming a #CambsNotspotter.

The project will show where mobile phone signals, Wi-Fi and broadband access are poor then encourage providers to take action to improve them.

We are focussing our efforts with specific providers so to be a #CambsNotspotter, all you have to do is:

  1. Participate! Download the App from Google Play / App Store and get involved in identifying where there is limited mobile network coverage. Find out more
  2. Log in! Make use of free Wi-Fi in public buildings and open spaces in and around Cambridge by selecting ‘CambWifi’ and ‘the_cloud’ Wi-Fi networks on your device. Find out more
  3. Check your speed! Run an independent broadband speed test for your household or small business broadband. Find out more

The initiative supports the work of Connecting Cambridgeshire superfast broadband rollout, providing free public Wi-Fi with the University of Cambridge, and making smart use of technology to tackle city challenges as part of the Greater Cambridge City Deal.

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Notspotter FAQs

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and where to go to for more information.

Notspotter Toolkit

The success of this campaign will depend on how many of Cambridgeshire residents and employees take part. As such we want to provide all of the materials to everyone so that you can promote this to your business, communities, groups, family and friends!

Please feel free to download the tools that you need and keep up to date with our latest news page or on Twitter using #CambsNotspotter

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If you require the full press pack which includes additional items such as the logos in other formats plus Word docs of the above, please email

NotSpotter News logo Govt call for Evidence: Extending Local Full Fibre Broadband Networks - (29/12/16) The Government announced over £1 billion of investment in the Autumn Statement 2016 to boost the UK’s digital infrastructure. This investment will deliver even faster and more reliable broadband for homes and businesses across the UK. It is our […]
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Ministers halt automatic broadband roll-out for rural families because ‘not everyone wants to be connected’ - (7th May) High speed internet will not be automatically delivered to countryside homes after ministers claimed some people living in rural areas do not “want to be connected”. The pledge to provide high speed broadband to every home in the UK has […]
Picture of Faye Holland at Cambridge 105FM studios ‘Not spots’: hear CA Connectivity Project Leader on Cambridge 105FM - (7th March) Listen to Faye Holland interviewed by Julian Clover on his Drive time show on Cambridge 105FM on 7th March 2016, the launch day of the #CambsNotspotter initiative. Under Julian’s forensic questioning, Faye explains the background to the initiative […]
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Summary of the launch event including pictures - (13th March) The morning event on Monday 7th March began with a welcome from our host, Jonathan Agar, CEO of Birketts LLP, followed by an introduction from Faye Holland, Project leader of the Cambridge Ahead Connectivity team. There followed short […]
Grab pic of Cambridge TV interviewing David Cleeveley Cambridge TV coverage of our launch event - (11th March) Adam Page of Cambridge TV reports from the launch of the #CambsNotspotter initiative by Cambridge Ahead which is aimed at helping make Cambridge a hyper-connected city. The campaign empowers citizens and businesses to identify so-called mobile and wi-fi […]
BBC Look East coverage of the launch - (8th March) We were delighted that BBC Look East were able to film our launch on 7th March and interview some of the leaders of the initiative in Station Road, Cambridge. Thanks to Nicola Beckford and her colleague for coming. […]
Cambridge News logo Cambridge News covers #CambsNotspotter initiative - (Sun 6th March) This is hopefully the first of many articles by local media covering the launch of our initiative. It’s by Cambridge News and is in advance of our launch on Monday 7th March. That day Faye Holland, the […]
22 Station Road Cambridge Launch event preparations are underway! - (Fri 4th March) We’re very excited about the launch event that’s happening at 22 Station Road, Cambridge at 10am on Monday 7th March. We’re all set up now and we’ve got media lined up including BBC Look East, Cambridge TV, […]