Become a Member

Types of Membership

Membership of Cambridge Ahead is encouraged for large-scale organisations and enterprises in the city region, subject to approval by the Board. Membership is in the form of three main categories – Founder Member, Full Member, and Individual Member. Membership is for three years with an annual fee of £10,000.

Founder Members: Full Members who have also provided financial support for the launch of Cambridge Ahead and direct assistance to support and steer its progress from inception to establishment. Founder Members are automatically members of the Cambridge Ahead board.

Full Members: Regular engagement with the Board, direct involvement with the Cambridge Ahead agenda and attendance at the AGM. At least 4 Full Members will also be members of the board.

Individual Members: Individual Members are active in business in the Cambridge region and are not associated with one company. Individual Members receive the same information as Full Members.

Honorary Members: In addition, up to 10 honorary annual memberships are offered by the Board to individuals, charities and public organisations.

Member Representatives

Corporate members will appoint an individual as their representative to Cambridge Ahead. These individuals must be the Chief Executive, Chairman or, by agreement, another Board member.

To hear more about membership and its benefits please contact Jane Paterson-Todd, Chief Executive, via the Contact us page