Cambridge Ahead has 42 organisations as full Members. The list comprises of a wide range of Cambridge organisations including Anglia Ruskin University, ARM, AstraZeneca, Barclays, Birketts, Cambridge Consultants, Marshall of Cambridge, Mills & Reeve, St John’s College, Trinity College, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, and our newest member, Allia.  The membership represent a working population of over 36,000 people in Cambridge and a turnover of over £5 billion.


Image:  Bidwells

Benefits of being a Member
The current membership formed or joined Cambridge Ahead for sound reasons. There is a clear, macro business case for shaping the city’s growth and ensuring it grows sustainably, and in the future perhaps evolving into a ‘smart’, connected city. By becoming Members of Cambridge Ahead, organisations can have a real say in the future growth of Cambridge because our collective voice carries real weight at local and national government level.

We have identified key issues which the city must tackle if we are to not only enjoy growth, but enjoy a good quality of life at the same time. So whilst we understand and believe in the need to promote Cambridge as a place for organisations to invest and set down roots, and ensure that there is enough and appropriate office space, we also realise that concurrently we must work for the building of affordable housing, the improvement of education and the transport infrastructure, and continue to foster Cambridge’s unique cultural proposition. By not addressing issues such as these, we know that the continued success of our city will not be assured – organisations will simply look or even move elsewhere. Members therefore are encouraged to work in our respective project groups that seek to tackle these issues.

There are other benefits of membership of Cambridge Ahead. Working closely with key organisations that make things happen in the city, whether other Members or stakeholder organisations which work with us, helps foster business and social relationships. Cambridge Ahead is not a networking group, but one of the things that makes our city special is the frequency and way that we all interact so a great side-effect of membership is an enhancement of connections and relationships. Find out more about becoming a Member and see a full list of our Members.

Annual General Meeting
The AGM is an opportunity for Full members to meet formally. It is also a showcase for year’s achievements, and a chance to discuss specific issues and to conduct essential governance. The first AGM was held in October 2014.