This page contains our own videos as well as those by third parties.


BUSINESS FOCUS interview with Andy Williams of AstraZeneca (03/10/16)

Picture of Andy Williams on Cambridge TVAndy Williams, Vice-President R&D and UK Footprint Lead at AstraZeneca, talks to Business Focus about the global giant’s impending move into Cambridge in 2017 and explores the reasons for this decision as well as an update on the logistical challenges and how they are being overcome. The interview also covers the benefits that AstraZeneca sees in being located in Cambridge and specifically on the Biomedical Campus, the challenges imposed by the city’s infrastructure, Devolution, Brexit and the City Deal. Watch the video

BUSINESS FOCUS interview with Michaela Eschbach, co-founder of Form the Future (26/09/16)

Picture of Michaela Eschbach being interviewed on Cambridge TVForm the Future is a social enterprise that connects schools and businesses to help students prepare for their future careers. In this Cambridge TV Business Focus interview, co-founder Michaela Eschbach talks about Form the Future’s origins and how it is currently delivering the Signpost for Skills programme for the GCGP LEP. A key platform for this is STEP UP which enables schools to access all the resources available to their students locally while enabling business and local enterprises to promote their offer to students. The challenges of getting businesses participate are explored, along with the benefits to both schools and business generally. Watch the video

BUSINESS FOCUS interview of Charles Cotton, CEO of the Cambridge Phenomenon (13/09/16)

grab-of-charles-cotton-on-cambridge-tvThe Cambridge Phenomenon was founded by entrepreneur Charles Cotton in 2009 to acknowledge the people, organisations, products, events and initiatives behind Cambridge’s unique information technology, bioscience and media cluster. Here he is interviewed by Cambridge TV on what he has achieved since then and the remarkable success of Cambridge. Watch the video

Ian Mather, chair of Cambridge Ahead, interviewed about the Growth Commission’s report (13/09/16)

Grab of Ian Mather and Karen Thomas on Cambridge TVPolitical leaders, academia and businesses met on 12th September in London at the British Library at the annual conference of the London Stansted Cambridge Consortium to discuss the barriers to economic growth in the urban corridor between London, Stansted and Cambridge. The tech and life sciences corridor still faces major challenges because of transport, affordable homes and the growing skills gap. So the next day, Cambridge TV spoke to Ian Mather, Cambridge Ahead Chair and London Stansted Cambridge Corridor growth commissioner, in the station’s studios in Cambridge about the Growth Commission’s Report, infrastructure funding, new housing and skills. Watch the video

BUSINESS FOCUS interview on Cambridge Connectivity and ‘notspots’ with Faye Holland (22/08/16)

Picture grab of Faye Holland on Cambridge TVIn this latest Business Focus 12-minute interview on Cambridge TV, the head of our Connecting Cambridge Project team, Faye Holland, discusses connectivity in the region and also reveals all about the launch and success of the #CambsNotspotter initiative. This is a crowdsourced campaign to determine the current status of wireless, fixed broadband, and mobile connectivity in the Cambridge sub-region. Visit video page

Cambridge TV’s BUSINESS FOCUS interview about the Camclustermap with Dr Andy Cosh of the Centre for Business Research (16/8/16)

Grab of Dr Andy Cosh in the Cambridge TV studioAnother 12-minute interview, part of the Business Focus series by Cambridge TV. Dr Andy Cosh of the Centre for Business Research (CBR) of the University of Cambridge is the interviewee, and the topic is the new version of the Cambridge Cluster Map, created by Cambridge Ahead in partnership with Barclays, and launched on 25th July 2016. Visit video page


Cambridge TV report on the Cambridge & Brexit event (8/7/16)

Lord Lansley CBE being interviewed by Cambridge TVA short report by Cambridge TV’s Jack Maclaren of the morning meeting by Cambridge leaders to discuss Brexit and broadcast on the evening of the event. Interviewees with Lord Lansley CBE, Alex Plant of Cambridge Ahead, and Vicky Ford (MEP East of England). Visit video page


Interview of Cambridge Ahead CEO by Cambridge TV (18/4/16)

Screen grab of Jane Paterson-Todd on Cambridge TVA 12-minute interview on Cambridge TV’s Business Focus programme of the Cambridge Ahead CEO, Jane Paterson-Todd. The discussion centres on the genesis of Cambridge Ahead, its vision, The Case for Cambridge and Devolution, and the organisation’s various initiatives that have happened since launch in November 2013. Visit video page


BBC Look East report on the #CambsNotspotter launch event − (7/3/16)

Nicola Beckford of BBC Look East covers the launch of the #CambsNotspotter initiative by Cambridge Ahead which is aimed at helping make Cambridge a hyper-connected city. The campaign calls on all residents, employees, students and businesses to help identify ‘notspots’ (areas of no or low connectivity) by becoming a #CambsNotspotter. The project will show where mobile phone signals, Wi-Fi and broadband access are poor then encourage providers to take action to improve them. Various short interviews including one with Faye Holland, leader of the CA Connectivity Project group. For more information visit

#CambsNotspotter initiative launch event − Cambridge TV (7/3/16)

Adam Page of Cambridge TV reports from the offices of Birketts LLP at 22 Station Road in Cambridge, the venue for the launch event of the #CambsNotspotter crowdsourcing initiative. The campaign empowers citizens and businesses to identify so-called mobile and wi-fi ‘notspots’ and report them.  The piece includes various interviews including one with Dr David Cleevely CBE. For more information visit

Cambridge TV report on our new Cambridge Growth data (26/2/16)

Grab of Cambridge TV story on Cambridge Growth dataA package by Cambridge TV on the announcement by Cambridge Ahead of remarkable new Growth data for Cambridge companies. Presenter is Karen Thomas while reporter Holly Goodall visits Cambridge Consultants and interviews COO Eric Wilkinson, before visiting Matthew Bullock, Master of St Edmund’s College and leader of the CA Growth Project where the new Cambridge Cluster Map is also revealed. Visit video page

Cambridge Ahead interviewed about our new Cambridge Growth data on BBC Look East-West (25/2/16)

On the day that Cambridge Ahead released new data on the remarkable growth of Cambridge companies, Tom Barton, political reporter at BBC Look East reports on these latest Cambridge Growth figures. Tom interviews Matthew Bullock, leader of the CA Growth project, and then Dr David Cleevely CBE in the offices of Raspberry Pi, of which he is Chairman. The item was shown on BBC Look East-West at 6.30pm on Thursday 25th February 2016.

Launch event of The Case for Cambridge (9/10/15)

A compelling video of key messages about vital investment requirements for the city, from the launch event of The Case for Cambridge which took place at the Cambridge Union Society on Friday 9th October 2015. The Case for Cambridge is an ambitious initiative designed to convince central Government of the urgent need for investment in infrastructure, housing and skills to ensure the city’s continued growth. For more information visit

The Case for Cambridge − interview by Cambridge TV (9/10/15)

Picture of three interviewees from The Case for Cambridge at Cambridge TV studios

This 11 minute video is an interview of three representatives of the eleven-member Partnership behind The Case for Cambridge initiative and took place in the studios of Cambridge TV on Friday 9th October 2015. Visit video page


The Case for Cambridge launch − Cambridge TV (9/10/15)

Picture of chamber of Cambridge Union at launch of The Case for Cambridge

This 3 minute video is a news report by Cambridge TV first broadcast on the evening of Friday 9th October 2015. It covers the launch of The Case for Cambridge earlier that morning at The Cambridge Union Society. Visit video page


Unlocking future Growth for Cambridge (3/6/15)

On 3rd June 2015, Bidwells hosted a breakfast seminar at the Møller Centre at Churchill College, Cambridge. The theme was Cambridge’s Growth and there were four speakers, including two from Cambridge Ahead. This 6 minute video covers the seminar and brief interviews with key figures on the issue of Growth.

The speakers were:

  • Independent consultant Steve Mallen (Cambridge Property Trends update)
  • Cllr Lewis Herbert, Leader of Cambridge City Council (What the City Deal could deliver for Cambridge)
  • Matthew Bullock, Master of St Edmund’s College and Member of CA (Analysis of the Cambridge Economy and its recent Growth)
  • Jane Paterson-Todd, CEO of CA (Preview of The Case for Cambridge).

The latter item is a structured argument aimed at Central Government to enable greater investment in the city region to prevent growth stalling. The video then concludes with short interviews of Ian Mather, Chairman of CA, and three of the speakers.

Why is Cambridge so inventive?

Cambridge InventsCambridge is the UK’s most innovative city, with the latest figures showing that it had more patents granted per 100,000 residents than the next five UK cities combined1. But why is Cambridge so inventive? This short film by Collusion interviews some of the key figures in Cambridge’s tech and arts scene to ask them that very question. Visit video page

Cambridge Ahead One Year On (1/10/14)

This 6-minute video is a record of the event held on 1st October 2014 entitled One Year On, the main purpose of which was for the three leaders of our projects to provide an update on their respective progress, of which the results of our Quality of Life survey undertaken in the Summer were most eagerly awaited. Over 100 people attended the event at the Li Ka Shing Centre on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Attendees included the leaders of many of our (then) 32 Member organisations and also various members of the business, academic, local government, non-profit and cultural community of Cambridge. Please see the item in our news section giving more information. Watch the video on YouTube here.

Official video of the Launch Event of Cambridge Ahead (15/11/13)

This 4-minute video is a record of the Launch Event of Cambridge Ahead on Friday 15th November 2013 at the office of one our Founder Members, Mills & Reeve LLP. Over 70 senior guests attended the launch from key business, administrative and academic organisations in Cambridge.

We were very fortunate and honoured to have Baroness Jo Valentine, CEO of London First, as our guest speaker. Other speakers were our Chairman, Jeremy Newsum, and our CEO, Jane Paterson-Todd. The event was a resounding success and Botanic House, the venue at 100 Hills Road, Cambridge, was a perfect setting for the launch.

This short video includes an introduction by Jane Paterson-Todd, CEO, and excerpts of brief interviews with four people: Baroness Valentine, David Cleevely, Duncan McCunn (Barclays Corporate), and Professor Peter Landshoff. See here for a written summary of the launch.

With thanks to Somersault TV of Cambridge for help in producing this video. Watch the video on YouTube here

 Why Cambridge Ahead?

This 5-min video is of interviews with four Founder Members of Cambridge Ahead and was recorded at the Launch Event of Cambridge Ahead on Friday 15th November 2013 at the office of one our Founder Members, Mills & Reeve LLP. The interviewees are:

  • Jeremy Newsum, inaugural Chairman – Cambridge Ahead (now an Individual Member)
  • Patrick McMahon, Senior Partner – Bidwells LLP
  • Nicholas Bewes, CEO – The Howard Group
  • Ian Mather, Partner, Head of Office – Cambridge for Mills & Reeve LLP (now Chairman of Cambridge Ahead)

With thanks to Somersault TV of Cambridge for help in producing this video. Watch the video here

Cambridge: 2030 Vision

This is a report from July 2013 by a grouping of Cambridge organisations and individuals.

2030-vision-screencapCambridge and the surrounding sub-region make a significant contribution to the national economy, but different groups from unconnected sectors must work more closely together to ensure that the area’s full potential is realised and that growth doesn’t compromise local quality of life.

That call to action is one of a number of findings published in ‘2030 Vision for the Cambridge sub-region’ – a free, new report from an independent group that spent two years debating the challenges and opportunities posed by the continued expansion of the city, and the market towns and villages around it. Over a 24-month period more than 600 people came together to consider a range of different ‘local’ topics. The purpose of each event was to create connections across Cambridge and spark new ideas.

Through 2030 Vision, people that don’t normally interact were given a unique opportunity to discuss and ultimately take action to influence the future shape of the sub-region – which is growing fast and is regarded as beacon for national economic recovery. Participants included businessmen and women, academics, councillors, local residents associations, key workers and sixth form students. Central to 2030 Vision was the rationale that decisions about the future can only be made by undertaking a comprehensive strategic view of the entire area and focusing on a range of inter-related issues. Watch the video on YouTube here