#BetterMobile Hack

One day to set the course for future #bettermobile connectivity in Cambridge.

Cambridge Ahead has collected millions of data points with the #CambsNotspotter initiative, mapping current user experience of mobile signal, and while we can use this data to look at current connectivity, we need to think about the future.

We want to be visionary in exploring how we are going to use devices at home, at work and in our social lives.

#BetterMobile is to rethink mobile connectivity, to unpick it and rebuild a vision of mobile connectivity that’s better suited to user needs and can grow as our demands of it do too.

Cambridge, like most places, has areas of bad or non-existent coverage (notspots), where you walk around hoping to get just one bar of signal and don’t stand a chance of being able to use data.

We can’t let this carry on. As we demand more of mobile connectivity, we need to reconsider how we use and access mobile connectivity. And how can mobile connectivity affect things like our daily commute, where we live and so on?

We need your input! Be part of the future of mobile connectivity. Join us for #BetterMobile on Saturday 18th November – a day when community collaboration will drive innovation.

There’ll be prizes too! #BetterMobile is a team competition so there will be a grand prize for the winners, as well as prize draws during the day. All you need is an open mind, ‘techie’ or not. What we’re looking for is innovation.

What’s our aim?

To be visionary, innovative and inspirational in reconsidering how we use and access mobile connectivity.
To come up with creative ideas that will address the issues with mobile connectivity and improve it in future.
To gain insights from our crowd-sourced data.

We look forward to seeing and hearing your ideas!
If you have any questions, please contact Gabrielle Hibberd at gabrielle.hibberd@cofinitive.com.



We encourage residents and interested parties to start to look at the data in advance of the hackathon. Below you will find links to materials as listed

  • An overview document about the Hack – click here
  • An overview of the subsets of the data – click here
  • The specific data sets:
    • Fulbourn village, which we know has poor coverage – click here
    • Bar Hill, an area similar in size to Fulbourn but with relatively good coverage – click here
    • A larger area in South Cambridgeshire encompassing Babraham, Great Shelford and Sawston – click here
    • Cambridge city centre, an urban area with variable coverage – click here
    • Part of the Cambridge-Kings Cross railway line with good coverage – click here for north and click here for south
  • The full data set – click here

Getting involved

Participants can come as a team of 4-8 or we will assign you to teams on the day.
At the end of the day each team will present their findings and one team will be named winner as judged by a panel of independent experts.


We are committed to doing everything we can to have meaningful outcomes of the hack. After the event we’ll share a document with all suggestions. We will also share the projects we pursue as a result of the hack and invite others to participate as required.

Mentors and Judges of #CambsNotspotterHack

A hackathon is nothing without its mentors and judges. We’re delighted to have an excellent line-up of individuals at #BetterMobile Hack.

Bob Driver,
CEO, Cambridge Wireless


Dr Zoraida Frias,
Assistant Professor, University of Cambridge


Emma Fletcher,
MD, SmithsonHill


Steve Unger,
Group Director and Board Member, Ofcom


Laura Trevail,
Affiliate Context Strategist, TravelSpirit


Sam Massey,
Senior Analyst, Cambridge Consultants


Tim Winchcomb,
Technology Strategy Consultant, Cambridge Consultants


Dr Edward Oughton,
Research Associate, Cambridge Judge Business School


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