About Cambridge Ahead

Our vision is for Cambridge to be the pre-eminent small city in the world.

To realise this vision, we represent the city’s business and academic community, offering soundly based opinion and advocating for Cambridge to local and national governments about the opportunities and needs of the region. We focus on achievable, but ambitious, goals.  Our Board determines each brief and these are addressed by Project Groups. A broad spectrum of opinion is sought and research conducted before any conclusions are drawn.  We are a catalyst for action rather than an implementer. We seek to influence the people and organisations who are best-suited to make our ideas a reality. Our current work focuses around the following themes: • Growth • Commercial Space • Transport • Housing • Education & Skills • Digital Connectivity. 

Our Objectives & Principles


  • To promote sustainable economic growth for Cambridge and its region.
  • To promote Cambridge as a business location and centre of academic excellence within the region, nationally and internationally.
  • To enhance the quality of life of those who live and work in Cambridge.
  • To promote the collective interests of business in the region.
  • To be an effective voice for our members to both central and local government.


  • CA will reflect its Members’ roles as responsible corporate citizens.
  • CA will represent the full diversity of the business community, not just one or more specialist sectors.
  • CA will be open in its approach and make its work visible and accessible to government, local institutions and charities.
  • CA’s agenda will be more focussed than comprehensive; a voice that is valuable and specific rather than loud.
  • CA’s priorities will be determined by the Board based on advice from the members.

The Operational Board

The Operational Board monitor the progress of all projects undertaken by the organisation. It is responsible for all aspects of corporate governance, including oversight of the finances. It is accountable to the members.

Our Members

The current membership includes some of Cambridge’s most influential organisations. Our 41 members represent a working population of approximately 39,000 people in Cambridge. View our current members here.


01223 653023


Sarah Brereton, Director, Limewash
01223 813 557

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