Our Objectives & Principles

Our Objectives

  • To promote sustainable economic growth for Cambridge and its region.
  • To promote Cambridge as a business location and centre of academic excellence within the region, nationally and internationally.
  • To enhance the quality of life for those who live and work in Cambridge.
  • To promote the collective interests of business in the region.
  • To be an effective voice for our members to both central and local government.

Our Principles

  • CA will reflect its Members’ roles as responsible corporate citizens.
  • CA will represent the full breadth of the business community, not just one or more specialist sectors.
  • CA will be open in its approach and make its work visible and accessible to government, local institutions and charities.
  • CA’s agenda will be more focussed than comprehensive; a voice that is valuable and specific rather than loud.
  • CA’s priorities will be determined by the Board based on advice from the members.