About Cambridge Ahead

Cambridge Ahead is a business and academic member group dedicated to the successful growth of Cambridge and its region in the long-term. Our members represent a current working population of over 36,000 people in the city and a turnover of over £5billion.

About Cambridge Ahead

Image:  Marco Betti

Our fit with other organisations

Cambridge has a number of business member organisations. Cambridge Ahead is differentiated by having the long-term sustainable growth of Cambridge and its region as its key aim. Cambridge Ahead will not duplicate or dilute any existing activity and will develop close working relationships with all organisations to enhance existing work.

Our Purpose

We exist to make Cambridge a place where business can thrive, to help ensure a superior quality of life to the city’s inhabitants and workers, whilst preserving the unique nature of our city.

Our Mission

To represent the city’s business community and our partners who share our vision, by offering soundly-based opinion and be an advocate for Cambridge to local and national governments about the opportunities and needs of the region.

Our Vision

For Cambridge to be the pre-eminent small city in the world, defined by achieving long-term economic growth and a compelling quality of life. It will be a city where business, discovery, creativity, community and culture flourish together.

The way we work

Cambridge Ahead’s focus is on achievable, but ambitious, objectives. The Board determines each brief and these are addressed by a Project team led by a prominent member representative. A broad spectrum of opinion is sought and research conducted before any conclusions are reached. We are a catalyst for action rather than an implementer. We seek to influence the people and organisations who are best-suited to make our ideas a reality – but only when we have consensus from all.