The wingman – Rory Underwood: the rugby, the RAF and the relentless evolution of business – 1st September

DRIVE-Wingman-logoIn September Drive have ex-England rugby international Rory Underwood joining them. Rory’s story is incredible… there’s really no other way to describe it. His military training and his personal drive have seen him achieve the very highest accolades within his profession.

We all recognise the international rugby player, which lets be honest… that alone is not small feat… but did you know, when Rory was playing rugby at the very highest level, he was also flying for the RAF. Many times he would leave the rest of the team celebrating post match to get back home, to prepare himself and be focused before flying jets at over 500mph, just a few hundred feet off the ground, literally the day after the biggest matches. That is INCREDIBLE by anybody’s standards.

Today Rory uses that discipline, focus and determination to drive businesses forward, he has worked with many global businesses, sharing his insights, his training and his dedication to help others achieve their goals, both personal and professional.

Growth through Performance

Rory will share his approach to creating the right business environment, a place where high performance becomes inevitable. He will tackle some of the biggest business questions…

How do you know if you are creating your business success?

Is it because of your people or despite them?

What are the challenges in your business?

What’s the feeling like in your business?

Where are you on your business journey?

As your business grows it is continually evolving, there are lots of small structural changes happening all the time. Pinpointing accurately where you are on your business journey… understanding where your company is within its business life cycle… is essential to identify the people, practices and communications you need to grow your business to the next level.

Getting your ‘Purpose, People and Processes’ aligned are the essential building blocks for creating the right environment for growth. So, where are you currently on your business journey? Is your business creating a ‘Team of Champions’ or a ‘Champion Team’?

Event details

Location: Allia Future Business Centre Cambridge, Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge CB4 2HY
Time & Date: 8.30am – 11.00am, Friday 1st September
Admission: Please register online here.