A Social Marketing Perspective on Employee Pro-Environmental Behaviour – 21st July

Employee pro-environmental behaviour

Professor Victoria Wells
Sheffield University Management School

Employee pro-environmental behaviour has been examined from the perspective of a number of academic disciplines. Social marketing (the application of marketing to achieve specific behavioural goals, for a social good) has been used to encourage positive behaviours such as blood donation, reducing littering, and healthy living.

Bringing these two areas together the presentation will focus on social marketing approaches to employee pro-environmental behaviour, and their potential for future development. It will present a case study of work done by the Real World Sustainability Research Team, a collaboration between academics and the environmental charity Global Action Plan (GAP). It will also present a future collaborative research agenda for a social marketing approach to understanding employee pro-environmental behaviour.

BIO: Victoria.K.Wells is Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at Sheffield University Management School. She is also director of the Centre for Research in Marketing and Society (CReiMS). Her research interests lie in the application of behavioural psychology to consumers, foraging ecology models of consumer behaviour and environmental behaviour, psychology and social marketing. She joined Sheffield University Management School in 2016, after holding the post of Reader in Marketing and Strategy at Durham University Business School. Prior to becoming an academic she worked in Marketing Communications as an Account Executive. She has published in a wide range of journals including Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Management, Marketing Theory, Service Industries Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, Tourism Management and Psychology and Marketing amongst others.

There will be 5 seminars throughout the year. This will provide a forum for business and academics to discuss Consumer based Science and provide a bridge from academic theory to practical commercial application.

Event details

Location: Anglia Ruskin University
Time & Date: 12 noon, Friday 21st July
Admission: The fee to attend all five seminars (and lunch) is £105/per person. Click here to register.