Improving the way that life sciences and biotech companies do international business – 20th April

Money Mover

Money Mover is feature-rich online global payments platform that provides a a secure and low cost way for small/medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to make their international payments.

Money Mover noticed a number of their life sciences and biotech businesses customers were making international payments to pay suppliers, funding outsourced drugs discovery or moving grant money across borders etc. However, were paying non-Sterling currencies directly from their GBP corporate bank account without any clarity on how much these transactions were costing them.

Since moving to Money Mover they now have complete transparency about the cost of each payment, when it will be sent and are typically saving £20,000 in every £1m of international payments that they make.

In this webinar, Money Mover provide advice on how to optimise and refine how you manage international payments and currency exposures. This includes currency accounts, forward payments and transparency on costs (exchange rate spreads, fees and charges). They’ll share some of their life sciences and biotech business customer stories and provide an overview of the Money Mover platform to show you how they help with international payments.

Event details

Location: Online webinar
Time & Date: 11.00am – 11.30am, Thursday 20th April
Admission: Please register online here.