About Cambridge Ahead

Cambridge Ahead is a business and academic member group dedicated to the successful growth of Cambridge and its region in the long term. Our vision is for Cambridge to be the pre-eminent, small city in the world.

The group aims to represent the city’s business community and our partners who share our vision, by offering soundly-based opinion and be an advocate for Cambridge to local and national governments about the opportunities and needs of the region. At any one time we will have no more than 10 specific initiatives with defined objectives and measurable outcomes. We are politically non-aligned.

Cambridge Ahead will represent businesses and their interests in the ‘Cambridge City Region’, which we define as places which are complementary and subject to the same influences as Cambridge. However, our work may involve us outside the region where there are directly relevant issues, for instance national transport infrastructure, science policy, and regional initiatives.



  • Global Business Network – 24th July

     Organised by Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, this informal networking event is for exporters, international service providers and those interested in accessing new markets overseas. Whether you are already involved in international trade or considering expanding into new markets, Global Business […] Read More »
  • Cambridge TV: Business media training – 8th Aug

    Do you have an interesting or topical issue you want people to know about, either through your company’s website, through the media or to share via social media? Rather than just writing up a traditional press release, get your message […] Read More »
  • What Every Business Should Know About Modern Slavery – 10th Aug

    Every business, regardless of size or industry, will soon be affected by anti-slavery legislation. This workshop will help your organisation prepare for what lies ahead. Large businesses are required by the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015 to publish annual […] Read More »
  • Research Commercialisation Open Programme 2018: Cambridge UK – 10th Sept

    This five day course of lectures, workshops and visits in Cambridge, UK is aimed at those from anywhere in the world who wish to understand the basics of how new ideas and research results are commercialised at the University of […] Read More »
  • Effective Communication – 11th Sept

    Any review of essential management skills always puts effective communication close to the top of the list. Yet poor communication is at the root of many problems. This workshop will help managers understand their own communication style, the essentials of […] Read More »